When was the last time you felt serene? Now is the time!

From Chaos to Serenity...You Deserve This!




I am Stephanie Butler, a Professional Organizer, Coach, Published Author and Social Service Worker. With all these skill sets I created Serenity Organizing Solutions in order to help and support others with getting their lives organized in all areas; Mind, Spirit and Space.  

A reason

You stopped on this site for a reason; your space is cluttered, you do not know where to start when it comes to work life, or your mind is all over the map and find it hard to settle it. I can support you with one or all these issues. Why not connect with me today to get started!

Professional Organizer

Feeling overwhelmed in your own home? Not sure where to start? I can help you create order out of the cluttered spaces in your home. You will know where everything lives and where to find it when needed. Through working together we will create systems that work for you and your space for years to come.


Are you at a crossroads? Feeling confused and unsure what is next for you? We can work together to find direction in where you want to be heading and how to move forward. With practical applications and tools to use, you will continue to move forward in both your personal life and work life