When was the last time you felt serene in your own home?
Now is the time!

We provide professional organization services

We are better than a magazine as their ideas never seem to work out that well for you, and you’re left feeling worse than before. This is not how you want to live your life. You want to spend quality time with family and friends; the ones you love. Feel happier and in control. Have days that run smoothly. Instead, you feel frustrated as you waste precious time searching for things. Angry at yourself for not staying on top of things. Rushing out the door, late again.

You don't have to live this way!

As a Professional Organizer with Serenity Organizing Solutions, I take you from where you are and lead you to a better life. I’m sensitive to the stress and anxiety you feel, and with 20 years of social work experience, I especially understand the issues of those living with emotional attachment, depression and ADHD.

I work by your side to deal with the clutter. Help you focus and make decisions that are right for you. Give you the tools to stay on top of things and in control of your home.

Toys, professional organizing services

Better than the magazine

What I offer isn’t just the ‘latest trick’ from an organizing magazine. This is about helping you accomplish something you couldn’t manage on your own. I teach you the skills you need to get organized. And give you confidence in your ability to maintain the order we created.

It’s about freedom to live the life you deserve. With quality time to spend with family and friends. Serene and comfortable in your own home. A sense of overwhelming relief as we crush that burden weighing you down.

How long has it been since you’ve felt that way? 
Isn’t it time to free yourself of that weight
and move forward with hope?

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“Stephanie Butler organized my office some years ago and I was absolutely
pleased with the process and the finished job. Stephanie listened carefully
at our initial meeting, assessed my needs and within the appointed time
came back with a plan. It was obvious that she understands organization
and how to assess a situation. Her work was carefully done, precise in
details, completed on time as planned. She is trustworthy, communicates
promptly. This re-organization made my life so much easier. After 7 or 8
years, my office still works. I recommend her with enthusiasm.”

Mildred Frank

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