Why I do what I do!

I have always loved to help people and have been blessed to work in the social work field and now as a professional organizer. With my background in social work I can support people with depression, anxiety, emotional attachment and ADHD with organizing their space. It is rare that clutter is just about clutter. Over the years of professional organizing I have helped several people in many different ways:

I have worked with folks who have ADHD/ADD and find it extremely difficult to stay on top of clutter. The usual issue is not having homes for their items and therefore not being able to put things back in an orderly way. Then try to start getting organized when your attention span is very short, it becomes overwhelming. I have created warm and organized spaces with clients that they were able to maintain. This allowed them to focus on their family and business instead of wasting time looking for things.

I recently have started working with a young gal who uses clutter to feel safe in her environment. Her room was very cluttered all over the floor and leading out to the hallway. Through talking with her and understanding her need for a feeling of safety we have come up with a plan to create a cozy and safe room for her minus the clutter all over her floor. We will use blankets and pillows to make her feel safe and it is easy to move to vacuum and have friends over, something she was never able to do.


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Many of my clients have emotional attachment to their belongings. Each story is different but we were always able to come up with a plan to donate items while still keeping the memories. We usually take pictures of items before donating them and we also honour all of the items they plan on keeping. We have made collages, shadow boxes and slideshows on their computers of precious items. I believe we should see our memories on a daily basis instead of housing them in a box that gets opened every few years to be looked at.

Other clients I have worked with have time management issues. We work together to find the best possible system to have their time scheduled, either by an agenda, a calendar app. or a family command centre. We look at their goals and values to be sure they match and see what steps need to be taken toward their goals. We look at how to schedule those tasks in a balanced way while giving them much time with family and friends and of course down time.

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Everyone I have worked with has taught me something new. I am always looking to improve my skillset so I can be of maximum help to those I work with. I can see the difference my work makes in people’s lives; they have more freedom, less time cleaning, more time with family, less stress and an overall feeling of being organized and in control.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you love what you do as much as I do. When you love what you do it never feels like work, so blessed.

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