Virtual Organizing and Coaching Services

This service is designed to work with those who are international and/or have very busy schedules. If you find it hard to find the time to meet up with a professional organizer in person due to scheduling issues and family obligations this is perfect for you.

We can set-up a virtual meeting where we connect and plan out your needs and what systems will work for your space and lifestyle. We will give you a step by step instructions on how to declutter and organize your space on your own. We will email you it in writing after we go over it in our virtual meeting, this way you will have a hard copy of your “homework” until our next meeting. We can schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly virtual meetings to go over what you have accomplished and what you need support on. We can also connect by phone for 30 minutes increments on a weekly basis to stay connected, and we are always available to answer any emails.

When taking on the decluttering and organizing yourself you are on your schedule to complete each task. So if it’s 11:00 pm or 5:00 am, depending on your schedule, you will have the information on hand to guide you through the process and our coaching when you may need additional support.








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Step by Step Process

You will take pictures of the space(s) that needs to be decluttered and organized, or you will walk us through it via webcam/phone camera.

We will assess your needs for the space and figure out a system that will work for your area and lifestyle.

A plan of action will be created for you and gone over in detail via phone or in a virtual meeting. A copy of this written plan will be emailed to you so you will have it on hand when ever you need to work from it.

Depending on your schedule we will set up virtual meetings, phone calls for follow-up and coaching. Email communication is always welcome in between meetings.

You will take pictures or give us a tour of the finished work so we can see if anything needs to be tweaked or another solution added for final touches.

After you have completed all the areas you want to organize we will check back with you in 3 months to see how the new systems are working out for you with a phone call up to 45 minutes.