This time of year many of us travel or dream of travelling to the warmer climates. How organized is your travel accessories? Being travel organized will make you less stressed, know where everything is at any given moment and save you time. Not to bad for a little bit of prep work! Here are some tips to keeping yourself organized before and after your trips so it makes packing a snap!

Organized Travel …

Keep all your suitcases, carry ons and packing sleeves together. Try to fit as much as you can into your suitcase, therefore; using up less space in storage.

If you have travel sized products or containers you fill, keep them in your toiletries bag and also store it in your suitcase. When you are ready to travel all will be together.

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Before packing write out a list of all you plan on bringing; from outfits to hair straightener to jewelry. Then when you actually pack the item check it off your list. Bring said list with you and when you repack to come home you have your itemized list to recheck to be sure you didn’t leave anything behind.

Be sure to know what you can have in your carry on luggage before your trip. Airlines can update their list of contraband at anytime, be on top of it.  Be sure to have snacks, something to read or a puzzle book in case your flight does not leave on time you will have something to occupy your time.

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Most important when you get home unpack immediately. The last thing you most likely want to do but you will be grateful to not have a suitcase and bags to trip over. Put everything where it belongs, most will be into the laundry hamper, and refill your suitcases with all your travel gear and put it back into storage.

How often do you travel? Do you have a travel prep routine?

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