Tips for an Organized Life

We want to be more organized as this will save us time and money. Below are some tips that will do just that! You can save yourself some time from needlessly searching for items and money because you are not throwing away expired food. These tips will change your life.

Save Time and Money 

  1.  Have a weekly meal planner. This way you only buy the ingredients you will need, not have stress over what to make for dinner and your food will be used up before becoming expired. Many of us shop for food on a whim and by what we “may make one day” and then never use that food. What a waste of money. With a meal plan you keep on track with food budget and prep time for dinners.meal planner, be prepared, save time and money, get organized
  2. Make it a weekly chore to go through your fridge and pantry. See what fresh foods need to be eaten asap and see what condiments and such are close to expiring. Use these foods up in your next meal planner. In your pantry make sure you keep the soon to be expired cans/bottles at the front so you know to use them next.
  3. Have one spot for papers in your house. This is where you can keep mail, bills, information etc. Have a recycling bin there too so you can put flyers and other unwanted papers in it directly. Take 1 – 2 times a week to go through all your papers and take actions on them at that time. Do yo need to pay a bill, make a phone call, file paper or shred it? This will keep you on top of the paper coming and going from your household and keep you in action mode with them. This way no paper will get “lost or misplaced”.paper, keep in one place, no piles, get organized, don't let paper win
  4. Have a home for everything in your home. If you know where everything is then you can return it easily and find it in a few seconds. When you tidy up or declutter it will be super quick. This will allow for cleaning to be faster as well. Not sure where it goes ask where you use it most often or do I have similar items it can go with.
  5. Prioritize what you need to be doing and schedule it in your agenda/calendar. If you make time for something to get it done, it will get done. Don’t wish and hope your to do list shortens, schedule it.

These 5 simple tips will help you to become more organized day to day and make a huge difference in how you are using your time. You will gain more time for the things you enjoy and save money, you can save up for that needed vacation. Try implementing each tip one at a time for a month each and when you are use to it add the next tip. It takes time to start a new habit but you are so worth it. Don’t hesitate start today!!

What is a huge time saver you can recommend?

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