Ten 10-Minute Decluttering Tips.

 When we look around our house and see clutter here and there, probably we can feel overwhelmed. “Where do I start?”, “This will take me days to declutter!”, “I don’t have time to organize.” All of this may feel true, but it isn’t.  Here are ten ways to start with your decluttering and it will only take you 10-minutes at a time.

Choose one task a week for ten weeks!

  •  First, you can pick a shelf. In a closet or the garage, does not matter, just pick one and start. Remove items you no longer need or that do not belong on the shelf and tidy up the things that are left.
  • Clear off a counter. Only move items you use on a daily basis on the counter. Put all other items away in a cupboard or where ever else it belongs. Try to stop using it as a dumping ground. Flat clear surfaces are so tempting to drop papers on it, keys, sunglasses, etc. try not to. This will keep it decluttered.

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  • Pick up five items and put them back to where they belong. If you are unsure, find a home for them. Ask where do I use this item the most? Keep it close to that area.
  • Create a donations box. Keep it in your closet or garage and add to it whenever you come across an item you no longer need, put it in your donation box. When the box is full donate it to a local shelter or not for profit agency.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet. Remove any outdated products, keep items that you use on a daily basis in there. If you don’t have a cabinet for medicine create a spot for your medications.
  • Pull everything out of a drawer. Go through items and put like with like (socks together, pens together, elastics together) this way you will see how much you have to one thing. Remove anything that does not belong in that drawer and put it in it’s home. Put everything back in drawer neat and tidy, placing what you use more often on the front and the rest in the back of the drawer.

10n minutes decluttering tips

  • Empty your glove box. Go through all the items and make sure you need them. If not toss it and then put back everything you do need neatly.
  • Set up a filing system. Instead of having a pile of papers in your house, maybe creating a filing system for incoming papers is a better idea. Label files, such as; phone bill, car maintenance, vet bills, etc. This will keep papers in order and easy for you to find. Papers need a decluttered space in your home.
  • Learn how to file papers as soon as possible. In addition, when you are finished paying a bill or reading your new insurance plan make it a habit of filing them away in their main files. If the paper does not have any more action steps to it, file it away, right away.
  • Let the family know where different items homes are. If you are the one organizing and decluttering, therefore, it may be easy for you to find out where everything is but not so much for your family. Keep people in the loop. If you have found new homes for items make sure the entire household knows.

In conclusion, decluttering is a necessary task that you should incorporate into your daily life. Always make it a habit every night before going to bed to put items away for 10 minutes. Get the whole household involved. You will be amazed how tidy and organized you will be if you do this.

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