How to Have a Stress Free Holiday Season!

When we think of the holiday season we think, stress! What would you say if I told you I can make it stress free? I can tell you what you need to do to accomplish this. Below are a few tips on what you will need to take action on to make this holiday season stress free!

Action Steps Needed:

  •  Start shopping earlier. I encourage folks to shop all year round. Have a bin for christmas gifts so you can keep track of what you have already purchased for friends and family. Schedule in the time to shop so it is not left to the last minute when you have no time to do it.
  • If you haven’t already started choose a day you will decorate the home for the holidays. This will make sure you know when this will occur and will get you into the spirit of the holidays!Holiday decorating, get organized, stress free holiday season
  • Starting in 2018 look at your 2017 budget for gifts and divide it by 11, ie, $500.00 divided by 11 months = $45.45. This is how much you need to put aside each month so you have the $500.00 by November. This way you are spreading out the monies needed for gifts throughout the entire year and not going for broke in one month!
  • Schedule in an hour or two, depending on how many people you send cards to, to write out and post your holiday cards. I suggest doing this the first week of December. Get it out of the way!
  • If you bake for the holidays figure out what you need supplies wise and how much time to buy supplies and how long to bake and package them. Schedule this time right into your planner/google calendar so you know you have time for it!stress free holidays, get orgsanized
  • If you are entertaining at all look at when this is happening and schedule in a day or two before the time to clean and organize for guests. A gift to yourself can be hiring someone to come in and clean for you 🙂
  • If you are cooking for the big day make a grocery list and schedule in the time you will go and purchase them. Some things you have to get a couple days before where as most things can be done all at once well before the day! If you have the time scheduled no time to stress about when you will get all the supplies.

If you take the above steps you will have reduced your stress level for the holiday season. We have control over our schedules and if we plan things according to when they are due it reduces our stress and anxiety!

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