When we think of storage solutions we think “they are costly” or “I don’t know which ones to use.”  I will be showing you some storage solutions and which solutions are best for what areas of the home. There are solutions that can be used several ways. When we use storage solutions we are making our lives easier, we will be able to find items quickly so no wasting time looking for things.

What solutions work for what spaces:

There is the over the door shoe holder. It can use the dead space of the inside of your closet door and provide an easy place to choose a pair of shoes for the day. This solution can be used for several items: barbies, lego, other toys, laundry cleansers, washroom items (curling iron, blow dryer etc.), and what ever else you can think of. These are inexpensive and versatile for all homes.

neat organizing solution

Another fun storage solution is clear bins of various sizes. They are stackable and are easy to see what is in them. This can be used for anything you want; shoes, sewing kit, craft supplies, pictures, papers, mementos, cleaning supplies, gardening tools etc. they are reasonable in price and are priceless for how easy they make storing items.

I love to use magazine holders for various items. You can use them on a shelf for papers or magazines. Attach to the inside of your kitchen cupboard to store plastic wrap, tinfoil etc, or in the washroom cupboard for curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer. This storage solution comes in many colours and materials, you will find the right one for your home.

many uses
many uses

A great way to store all those small finicky bits is by using clear mason jars. You can use them in the kitchen pantry for baking supplies, spices, and teas. You can use them in the workshop for nuts and bolts, nails and other doodads. If you screw the lids to a wooden board or below your shelf/cupboard you can hang your jars in an out of the way spot. This can be used at your desk to hold paper clips, tacks, elastics and so forth. Have fun with mason jars they are so easy to use and will last a life time.

easy storage
easy storage

Lastly there are storage solutions made for every possible issue you come across. My favorites are small acrylic bins for drawers. I love to use decorative baskets throughout the house to add colour and hide items. My ultimate favorite solution is hooks! They can be used anywhere for anything: hang tools, hang large utensils, pots and pans, clothes, hats, bags and so on.

When looking at your home and figuring out what storage solution you want to use think of the above examples and see what best suits your style and situation. Some people like to see everything others want everything hidden and tucked away. There is no right or wrong answer. It is up to you to find what makes you happy and makes finding your items easiest for you.

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