Stop Doing These Things Now!

Not everyone has the innate ability to organize and declutter and this is okay. There are some things that hinder ones ability to be organized and clutter free. I want to share a few things that you should stop doing now so you save yourself time, money and less stress. If you are doing these things you were doing the best with what you know and that is fine, however, after reading this post you will know better 😉

Stop These Actions Now:

Using plastic bags. I get it they keep items safe from dust and scratches when packed away or put on a shelf. By wrapping up everything in a plastic bag for safe keeping you have made it very difficult to know what is what and have created a time stealer. You now have to unwrap items to see what is what and find what you are looking for, not fun and time consuming.

Use clear plastic bins with a lid – Keep items in the bin unwrapped, you will be able to see the item at a glance. You can also label your bins if you are storing numerable items in one bin.

Flat surface dump. It is so tempting to use a flat surface as a dumping ground, avoid the temptation. It makes sense to have certain spots to place items down until the next time you need it, ie, keys on the front table, wallet on counter, purse on dining room table etc.

Find a home – If it makes sense to place those items there then add a hook for keys or a dish, a basket for your wallet etc. Use the same colours as your decor to add to the look and feel of your home. 

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Putting it off. When we are feeling overwhelmed in clutter we can procrastinate. We are not being lazy we are in fear usually. With procrastination comes the 3 p’s; procrastination, perfectionism and paralysis. When we expect to make the cluttered space perfect but not sure how to do this we procrastinate and procrastinate until we reach paralysis because we are so overwhelmed with the process.

Take small steps – Do one room/area at a time. Read my post: How to Organize a Room for more details.

An overflow closet or room. Many of us will have an area in our homes that we but our overstock in. I believe we only need to use the space we have on hand and a small closet or shelving unit for overflow. Most homes have enough cupboard and closet space, if it is inadequate than you may need to create more storage in the kitchen or bedrooms. I want to encourage folks to live with what they can store in the storage space provided. Why I say this is because it makes it easier to keep track of what you have on hand, what you need to replenish and will not have to go searching all the time for items.

Small overstock – Choose a closet or put up an industrial shelving unit in basement for overstock. The main things we will tend to have overflow of are: toilet paper, toiletries, canned goods and small appliances from the kitchen. Try your best to have a shelf or basket for toiletry overstock in your linen cupboard if not use overstock space.

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Less Stuff. We live in a society where we are told many times a day more is better. Don’t believe the hype my friends all this does is create a scarcity mentality and leads you to over shopping in all areas of your life. Most love the big box stores because they are such great deals but what if you looked at your home as prime real estate. How much is every square foot worth to you? If our homes are full of things we will feel closed in, easier to lose items among the clutter and we will most likely repurchase items since we tucked that item away for safe keeping so well we forgot we had it.

15% free space – In your home try to live by the 15% free space rule. This allows room to grow if needed and it keeps your home open and airy. An open and airy feeling creates a stress free zone and a sense of contentment, who doesn’t want this in their lives?

I hope this inspires you to make some needed changes. They are not huge changes and can be done one at a time. Think how less is more time, space, money and less stress and clutter!

Please feel free to ask any questions, I love to help out where ever possible.

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