Why I still use a paper day planner.

In an age of technology a lot of people look at me in a weird way as I take out my paper day planner to make a meeting time. Many folks use an electronic form planner on their phones. I will let you know I tried it and found it was not for me.


I like to see my week in one glance, know what is coming up and am able to change things whenever possible.

I am more likely to remember events coming up as I wrote them down with a pen. When we write things down they stay with us longer. I do not have to live my life by reminders and alarms I usually know what is happening the next day. I am in the habit of checking every evening before bed to remind myself of what the next day has in store for me.

I am a small business owner so having a written log of all I have done is great for when I get audited. I say when because it will happen, as nowadays all small businesses are being audited on a regular basis.

I also have a space in my day planner to write in birthdays, to do lists, goals and any other information that comes up that I need to record and have for later reference.


Here is a link to the paper agenda I have been using for the last several years:


I like because I can see the week at a glance, it covers the whole day and evening in the times, I have a space to add numbers, information, etc., it fits in most of my purses, and I can purchase refills for it instead of having to purchase entire agenda each year.

I believe there is a place for digital devices I just use them for what they are primarily made for, a cell phone to call and text, laptop to do day to day work, I use telephone and online banking and am on social media. I have not completely stayed away from technology I just find a written day planner works best for me, it is a critical piece to planning your life and work life so make sure you use what best suits your needs.

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