Inspiration comes of working every day.

You deserve a serene and comfortable life. Where your surroundings are organized and you quickly find what you need. This is what I give you.

Whether you need to reduce clutter or run your home more efficiently. Set up a home office or blend families together. I have an answer that works for you. I arrive with a fresh set of eyes and a toolbox full of creative solutions to tackle any challenge you face. I’ll show you new ways to honour your most precious belongings and help you let go of things you no longer need.

In addition, I’ll teach you how to maintain the systems we’ve created, so you’re free to enjoy your surroundings long after our project is finished.

With so many ways to help you, contact me to discuss your specific needs.
Let me help you live the serene and pleasant life you deserve.

Declutter and Organize

You don’t realize how much you stress about clutter. But it weighs on your mind constantly, even when you’re not even home. When you reduce clutter, you reduce stress.

I work with you to pare down your belongings to what you truly love and need. I help keep you focused when making tough decisions, so your choices align with the goals you’ve set.

We’ll work together to declutter and organize any space around your home, including the garage and shed. Closets and cabinets, basements and storage areas, anywhere you need help… I’ll create ‘zones’ for you. Everything will be as accessible and efficient as possible.

I’ll teach as we go, so you can continue to live without the stress of clutter creeping back into your life.

Everyone is worthy of living in a serene environment, tailored to their needs. Let me help you live that life.

Accountability Coaching

We can get overwhelmed with our goals and time management, this is where we can support you in making your dreams a reality.

Through accountability coaching we will look at your goals, break them down so that your values are supported, create manageable steps and work on executing these steps on a weekly basis.

Through bi-weekly meetings or phone calls we will keep you aligned with your goals and taking action on a regular basis. In no time your goals will come to light making room to dream bigger.

Virtual Organizing

When we work virtually it allows the client to organize on their schedule. We will have a phone consult to assess your situation and then we will connect weekly for a 30 minute phone call. I will send you an outlined plan of action for you to do. If you get stuck or have any questions we are available via email.

Pictures speak clearly of what the space looks like and with your input on what is not working for you we can create a system that will suit your needs best.

Once you have gotten your space all organized with our professional input and direction, you will see how much easier your life will be.

Home Office

It’s great to work from home, but a un-organized office affects your production. Clutter can distract you and searching for misplaced files wastes precious time.

Everyone has their own working style, so we’ll work together to create the system that works best for you. The items you need most will be at your fingertips so you’ll be more efficient and productive. Your storage system will be set up to allow for quick retrieval of any file or resources you need.

Our Fees



On the phone for 20 minutes is complimentary.

In home for up to one hour is $75.

First Session:

3 hours of decluttering and organizing time for only $202.50

(10% discount). 

One Session:

3 hours of decluttering and organizing time is only $225

(3 hour  minimum)

Levels of Service

I provide various levels of service; you can choose the
level that works best for you.

One on One: The recommended level if you feel
overwhelmed or struggle to maintain order. After the
initial consultation we work closely together.

On Your Own #1: If you prefer to tackle it on your own but
need a little guidance—I’ll provide a written report with
easy to follow suggestions.

On Your Own #2: Still on your own, but a little more
support—we work virtually and I’ll give you guidance as we
go along. If you run into difficulty and need more support,
we can adjust our support level at any time.

As every person and situation is unique, all projects are
priced individually. I can work on a sliding scale for those
on a fixed income (seniors or ODSP).


“Thank you Serenity Organizing Solutions for working with me to not
only organize my closet but giving me the tools to keep my space looking great.”

Ash Berden