Serenity, how to get it!

I named my business Serenity Organizing Solutions because I want to achieve serenity with every client. Serenity means different things to different people, but to get there we need to do a few things first. If you can do the following then you are on your way to finding serenity.

Serenity here I come;

Everything in your home should have it’s own home. If you are not sure where ask “Where do I use this most often?” or “Do I already have similar items I can put this with?” Once everything has a home you will know where to find everything and where to put everything back to. Not sure where to start? this may help 🙂

Learn to take less on, you do not have to do everything that comes your way. We need to be more selective on how we use our time. Time is precious and we should be using it on things that propel us toward our goals and dreams! If something does not match your values and goals why do it? We need to say no more often! 

declutter, less is more, purge, make room, serenity

Less is more. If we keep on top of our items and donate what we no longer need, then we allow room for new things to come into our lives. I go by the rule to try and have 15% of open empty space. This makes your place feel more open and less cluttered. If everything is jammed in your home it feels cluttered and there is no room to grow.

Serenity can be created once you finally tackle all the areas of clutter in your home! Most clutter is things you have not made a decision on yet. Where does it belong? Do I use this still? Should I donate this? Will I ever fix this? We tend to “dump” things where they do not belong due to not answering the above questions. Here is an easy one to do takes less than 20 minutes, your junk drawer.

So to recap, create a home for everything you own, say no more often, less is more and make decisions on the items you have cluttering up your house in order to get organized! If you do these 4 things you will have serenity; easier to tidy up and clean, more time doing what you want to be doing, room to grow and no more guilt over junk drawers 🙂

What is taking away from your serenity?




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