Downloadable Resources

Plan your schedule using T.I.M.E (A 4 step process)

This is for you if you never seem to get your to-do list done or it is miles long, and you never make a dent in it! My 4-step process will have you organized with your tasks and learn time management skills.

Each step is broken down into manageable actions so you can go from a to-do list to a fully scheduled week in just minutes. I suggest you use this tool every Monday morning to map out your week to come.

10 Minutes a Day Keeps the Clutter Away

This easy to follow calendar is set up to help you make a
significant dent on day to day clutter in your home. If you take 10 minutes a day and complete the task on the calendar, you will be closer to a clutter-free life.

Remember clutter is something you have not made a decision on: decided not to put it in its home or do not know where its’ home is.

The main thing to do is to find a home for everything in your home. Ask where do I use this most? How often do I use it?

This will determine the room it should live in and how accessible it needs to be? Make it a habit to leave a room with items that do not belong in it and put those items in their homes and then do what you were about to do.

This will keep daily clutter from taking over.


If you are unsure of how to use your time wisely, this system will help you to figure out what you value and how to spend your time. This exercise will have you break down your goals, values and combine them to create a to-do list you can then schedule into your day timer/google calendar.

This way, you know your actions are matching your values and working toward your goals.

You are using your time wisely and not wasting it on things that are not of value to you nor working toward your life dreams. Knowing your goals and values are the key to time management.

Are you a clutter bug?

Are you a Clutter Bug is is a fun quiz to see where you sit on the clutter bug fence. When taking the quiz to make a note of which number comes up most often, 1, 2 or 3.

The answers will reveal if you are organized, on the fence of being organized or a Bonafide clutter bug!

7 simple tips to being an organized entrepreneur

This easy to implement guide will have your office space streamlined in no time. Each tip is an action step to work toward that organized and time efficient space you have always wanted. Chose an hour for each task to make sure you have scheduled enough time to get it all done.

You will most likely not need this much time, but it is always better to have more time than not enough. The first tip you will need an afternoon depending on how cluttered and large your office space is.

In these tips, there are several solutions to everyday entrepreneurial problems. Take the time to make these changes you are worth it!

Take note

Take Note is a template you can use to create your to-do list for the week. I highly encourage folks to use my 4-step T.I.M.E. system to learn to prioritize and schedule in your tasks but if you like a daily check the list here it is!