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What is a Professional Organizer?

  • A Professional Organizer (PO) is someone who designs systems and processes to help you get and stay organized.
  • They are compassionate and non-judgemental and will treat you and your belongings with respect.
  • A PO takes the time to listen and understand your needs. They take everything into consideration – the people involved, the physical elements and the goals you wish to accomplish.
  • After gathering all the information, a Professional Organizer will customize solutions to meet your needs.
  • The PO does not come in and force you to get rid of things. They encourage you to make choices to align with your goals. But the final decision of which items to let go, is always yours.
  • Some PO’s have specific areas of expertise. As a Home and Office Organizing Specialist, I help with all your organizing needs and give you tools to take control of your life.
  • With an extensive background in social work, I’m suited to also help with those dealing with Emotional Attachment issues, Depression and ADHD.

For more details of what a professional organizer offer and how I can help you, check out my Services Page

Who should use a Professional Organizer?

Many people believe a Professional Organizer (PO) only helps people who struggle with clutter and disorganization. While that is a big part of what we offer, there is so much more…

Just as you would hire other professional services, you can invest in a Professional Organizer to free up precious time for more important things.

An Organizer can make your life easier in numerous ways…

  • Create room in the garage for your tools and your car.
  • Set up a room for a different use—a new baby, a home office or craft room.  
  • Ease the strain of blending families, or the tension of dealing with divorce.
  • Prepare and organize your belongings when you move or downsize.
  • Arrange your office for maximum efficiency, so you can focus on your business.

Why not consider investing in a PO for every organizing challenge you don’t want to face including:

  • Declutter and organize
  • Manage paper flow
  • Arrange effective layouts
  • Reduce accumulation before a move or downsize

Don’t wait until the clutter overwhelms you. Contact me today to tackle those organizing jobs you don’t want to face.

Is a Professional Organizer worth the investment?

  • A Professional Organizer (PO) has tips and strategies to help you face your organizing challenge. Whether you need to reduce clutter or pack up and move, a PO helps you get the job done—faster and easier.
  • If you struggle with clutter and disorganization, you may not realize how liberating it is to live a well-organized life. A life with you in control. Where there’s room to work and make a mess, but the cleanup is easy because you know where to put everything away. A PO creates a place where you can relax—feel serene and comfortable.
  • When your time is valuable and you have other things to do. A PO can step in, get things organized and set up systems so it’s easy to maintain. For all your organizing challenges contact me to learn how I can help.

For all your organizing challenges contact me to learn how I can help.

How does a Professional Organizer help?

    • Professional Organizers have specific skills and resources to solve your organizing needs.
    • They’re available when you need an objective opinion or when you have trouble getting your home running smoothly.
    • They know where to find the materials you need to get organized. So you don’t waste time shopping.
    • They know where to sell, donate and recycle. Your previously loved items can find new homes and benefit someone else. This can make it easier to let go of items you no longer need or use.

For complete organizing services from beginning to end, contact me for a free consultation.

What’s the difference between a Professional Organizer and a Cleaner?

A cleaning service will come in to vacuum, dust, clean surfaces and tidy up. Their focus is to get rid of the dirt and make the area look neater.

But a Professional Organizer will get to the bottom of your organizing issues. They’ll work closely with you to create solutions that work in your space. Based on your needs and preferences, the organizer will give you systems to keep things running smoothly and stress-free after they’re gone.

When you bring me onboard to help you get organized, I take the time to get to know you. Then I tailor the processes to suit you and your space. Contact me for more information on how I can create the perfect system for you.

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