So many of us think about the New Year as a time to start new habits and create new goals. I believe this can happen all year round and this time of year is a perfect time to prep for winding down this past year. There are several things to double check to see we have in place from this past year so we can carry it into the next year.

Check List:

  1.  Do I have a list of family and friends birthdays and anniversaries? Create or purchase a Birthday calendar where you have everyone’s bday and anniversary listed under the month and day.
  2. You have friends and families home address, email address and phone numbers. Make an excel spread sheet with all this information. This way when you want to connect with someone you have a list of all the ways you can do this.
  3. This is the time of year we usually have guests over, so take an inventory of your linens and towels; donate ones you do not need and throw out any damaged ones.New Habits, end of year goals, creative organizing solutions
  4. Tis the season to decorate your home for the holidays. Whatever you do not put out this year donate it! When you pack it all up again try to reduce your items again; Do you really need this item? Does the item compliment all your other decorations? Package items in clear plastic totes and label them for next year.
  5. Make this month the time you check your first aid kits and replenish them. You should have one in your car and your home. Either the kitchen or linen closet.

Make these new habits part of winding down the year and being prepared for the new one coming. These are things we think about doing but we never take the time to do it. Do one thing a week til the end of 2017!!

Do you have any end of the year habits/traditions?

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