Overwhelmed in clutter? Don’t know where to start?

Most of my clients call me when they have hit a roadblock and do not know where to start. They are living in a cluttered home that is unorganized and feels like it will never change. Clutter can feel like it multiplies on its own overnight if we don’t take care of it. Well here are some tips on how to get started.

Once we take the first step the rest doesn’t seem so hard!

When I meet with new clients and do a consultation I ask them what area of the house keeps them up at night the most? This is the area I usually suggest to do first. When we can make headway in a very stressful spot of the home it creates hope and excitement to carry on with the rest of the house.declutter one section at a time, make it your home

If someone feels all areas of the house stresses them out equally I look at the family dynamics; how many people live in the house, what are their routines, which space/room impacts the most people. I usually pick the kitchen or living room so all members can be positively affected by the new changes of decluttering and organizing.

When you choose the area block the room into 4 quadrants. Start in one quadrant and finish it before moving forward. Work on it for 25 minutes then take a 7 minute break then go for another 25 minutes. Use your cell phone as a timer. Depending on how much stuff you have it will depend on how long you will need to work on each quadrant.time yourself, organize 25 minutes at a time,

It can get overwhelming and very tiring as it is not just physical work it is emotional work. Emotional work is much more taxing on us than physical work. Decluttering is a process of making decisions over and over again: do I keep this? Where does it belong? Is this important? Should I donate it? It is a memory of mine and want to honour it but how? We can relive memories good and bad and this can take a toll on us. So remember to be gentle with yourself and choose the pace you want to work at. There is no right or wrong.

Once you have finished working in an area make sure you put all items that do not belong in that space in it’s proper home. Not sure where that is? Ask where do I use this most often or do I have similar items that I can put this with?

I hope this helps you to get started on creating the serene and organized home you deserve!!

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