Organizing and Decluttering

Feeling overwhelmed by too much stuff in your home? Not sure where to start? Organizing is not your strong suit?


Our team will come in and support you in decluttering your space. We work with you to make those tough decisions on what needs to stay and what can be donated. We will set up a donations pick-up date so all your unneeded items will have a new home. In order to get organized we need to declutter first. If you have emotional attachment we will find creative ways to honour your items rather than store them in boxes and also help you to part with items you no longer need.


Next step is to find a home for everything in your space in a system that makes sense to your lifestyle. Through asking several questions and seeing your space and how you use it we can create an organized, functional and serene space for you. We will set it up in a way that you can stay organized for years to come.

Call now to set-up a complimentary phone consultation to start the process.

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