It’s okay to need support to declutter.

Many people feel shame and guilt about their clutter and even more so if they need to get help to declutter. I am here to let you know it is ok to need help and ok to have some clutter. We live in a very fast paced environment and have many external pressures on us; work, family, community, social, economic, and so forth. With so much on our plates it is easy to put organizing and decluttering on the back burner. But if we keep it on the back burner we usually get to a point we are overwhelmed and do not know where to start. We need professional help, this is okay. We pay others to clean our homes, mow our lawns and clean our gutters; why not someone to organize and declutter our homes?

Why you should call a professional organizer

  •   They know what solutions to use for different areas of your home. Solutions that will make life easier for you.
  •   An organizer can input systems so you have routines that will use less time on daily tasks.
  •   They are not emotionally attached to your items like you are and can help you make clear decisions on what       needs to stay and what needs to go.

    Clothes for donation.
    Clothes for donation.
  •   Organizers take the stress out of the task. You have someone to ask questions, someone to bounce ideas off of     and someone to give their expert opinion.
  •   An organizer will find a suitable home for every item in your space. It will be in a place you can find easily and   return to easily. No more hunting for your keys.
  •   Maintenance, you will have someone to help you maintain the decluttered space and incorporate new                  organizational ideas whenever needed.
  •   When you work with a professional it makes things go much faster, more efficient and will last a lifetime if         properly followed.

Please see that there are various reasons someone may need help to declutter. It is perfectly normal. so try to be rid of shame and guilt; not all people have the same skill set nor the time to focus on certain tasks. Having a bit of clutter is okay. If clutter is taking over your house it is time to ask for help, we know where to start.

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