The never ending world of laundry.

I get asked many questions about clutter and pile ups of items but the most popular one is laundry. “How can I keep on top of laundry, there are always piles of clean and dirty clothes throughout the house?” I have a couple of reasons for this;

The most important thing is to ask why the folded clean clothes have not been put away. It is most likely that there isn’t much room for it in the drawers and closet so they sit in folded piles. First thing to be done is go through all your clothing and only keep what fits, what you love and what you actually wear. Donate what you no longer need. After you have done this there will be room for the clean clothes.

Elderly woman putting colourful towels on shelf

Secondly look at hampers; do you have enough of them throughout the house? In each bedroom and each bathroom and please keep the lids off, no one wants to lift a lid to throw laundry in a hamper. A hamper is a solution and it serves several purposes, it keeps dirty clothes in one location, it adds decor to a room and it lets you know when it is time to do laundry: when it is almost full. If we wait then we have the overflowing hampers and that sense of it never ending. If you have overflowing hampers it is a sign that you have too many clothes and can pare down.

Chaos im Kleiderschrank

When you are going to do laundry only take the pile of clothes you plan on washing into the laundry room. This will help with the overwhelming feeling of piles of laundry everywhere. When the laundry is cleaned, dried and folded there will be room for it to go back in it’s place and you will stop that feeling of too many clothes and especially too many dirty clothes to get to.

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