Do you need a professional organizer?

We sometimes are unsure when we need to ask for professional help. We are so “in it” we cannot see how bad it is. Below I will give a few examples of issues people have and end up asking a professional organizer to help them to get back on track.

Situations where you may need a professional organizer’s help:

Do you get your taxes done late every year? This is usually caused by not having a working filing system in place. If you have proper files for all your receipts, information and statements you would have all documents on hand for your accountant. If you do them yourself, you would have the documentation you need to move forward at anytime, preferable well before the deadline.

You have an in-box but have never seen the bottom of it. This is a sign of not prioritizing your tasks and not filing papers properly. This means everything ends up in your in-box. You need to plan a time once a week to go through mail, pay bills, return phone calls etc. Put this designated time into your schedule to remind your task. A professional organizer can set up a system for you to work from so you will see the end of your in-box!

do you need a professional organizer?
no end in sight

Your typical work day ends about 2 hours after everyone else’s? This is a sign of too much clutter, wasting time and not being able to focus on your task at hand.. If one’s office is cluttered with papers and such it takes one longer to find items they need and makes it distracting to get their work done. Do you find you are wasting time surfing the net? Constantly checking your email? This type of behaviour is a sign of procrastination which is a whole other issue of itself. If you feel overwhelmed at work you are probably not delegating tasks nor managing your time as well as you could. You can solve these issues easily with one phone call to an organizer.

Are you busy running errands for everyone else?

Learning to say no more often is a learned skill. There are several ways to say no to someone. This shows both respect for the person you are saying no to and to yourself. If you are busy with several projects already how much time do you really have to offer to a new one? Will your attention be 100% on this project or on all the ones you are working on? You need to learn to say no and not feel guilty about it.

Your life feels out of control. You have a sense of overwhelm and feel you will never get caught up. This is a clear sign you need support to get back on track. There is nothing wrong with needing a professional organizer to help you declutter, set up your home office, create a command centre or just organize your closets so they are working for you not against you. If you feel like you just cannot deal with the mess anymore what are you waiting for? No one should feel this way in their own home.

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