Do I Need a Junk Drawer?

This is a case by case basis. Junk drawers should be renamed. If we call something a junk drawer then that is what will be contained there. We can rename it to a “Catch-all Drawer” or “Important Bits Drawer”. When we rename it we reframe what lives there.

What can live in this drawer?

Here is what we usually find in these drawers: elastics, batteries, pins, pens, measuring tape, notepad, glue sticks, twist ties, electronic wires, ruler, staples, and so forth. My answer to this is these items should all have a home in your home already!

  • Elastics, in drawer in kitchen with ziploc bags or in desk drawer in office (where ever they are used most often).
  • Batteries, should have a bin with all batteries together and kept in office closet or in basement overstock area.
  • Pins, in your sewing kit.
  • Pens, in your desk drawer.
organized drawer, decluttered drawer
Desk Drawer
  • measuring tape, with all your other tools, hopefully a tool box.
  • notepad, with overstock in the office closet or in kids room with craft supplies.
  • glue sticks, with other art supplies in kids room or in a bin in kitchen if this is where you do crafts.
organized into categories, organized supplies
art supplies
  • twist ties, in drawer with ziploc bags.
  • electronic wires, with all other electronics, in a bin or on shelf in room electronic is used in most often.
  • ruler, in office or kids room.
  • staples, in desk drawer in office.

I guess you are seeing my opinion on the junk drawer. If you are in a small home or apartment and do not have an office or basement overflow area then a junk drawer maybe necessary. But again I remind you to have it as a place for needed items not junk. Divide all items into categories and have separate bins for each grouping. This will make it easy to find items.

What can we find in your “Junk Drawer’?

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