Why to let go of items.

Many people have many items in their homes, office and cottages; this is ok as long as it is not causing you any undue stress. As a professional organizer I want people to love their space and if that means having stuff then that is ok. I have one condition though, do the items make one happy? and is there enough room for it all without spilling into other areas of the room. Many people have heard of the saying; bring a new item into your home get rid of one or two items in its place. This is a great philosophy for most but some folks collect items. If you are a collector and have enough space for all your items then kudos to you. If you are a collector and have run out of room to display your items and have many of them in boxes, this I have an issue with. Here are reasons to let go of your items:

Antique dolls sitting in a cabinet

  1. We should honour items not have them in boxes collecting dust.
  2. It is taking over your space and it causes you stress when you look at your items.
  3. When you let go of items it gives a sense of release and calming.
  4. You create room for new things to come into your life.
  5. The item does not make you happy nor is it useful.
  6. You are keeping it out of guilt. Once something is given to you as a gift it is yours to do with as you will. If donating it is what you do with it so be it.
  7.  I believe all things are made to be what it is they were made for. If we choose to keep items in boxes or in the back of a closet it will never live to its full potential.

I hope this has given you encouragement to donate belongings you no longer need, use or enjoy.

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