When Was The Last Time You Saw The Top Of Your Desk?

Can you remember the last time you saw the top of your desk? Is your office a source of stress? If yes; get a system to be decluttered and stay decluttered? If we have a cluttered workspace we tend to waste time and productivity.

Here are 6 steps to keeping your office neat and organized!

Step 1:   Have a vision for your desk. How do you want it to look? What do you not like about it now? First thing to do is get rid of any garbage, remove items that do not belong in your office and then find homes for the items that remain. What should be on the desk top? Things you use daily, such as; a notepad, a jar of pens and pencils, an inspirational picture, your agenda and laptop.

organized office

Step 2:  Does your desktop have post-it notes everywhere? snacks? dirty coffee mugs? piles of papers? This would not be your vision. Post-it notes ideas put on a notepad list and if they are reminders write them into your agenda as action steps to do. Snacks live in the kitchen and you should have one coffee mug at a time 😉  See what habits you have that create clutter and find a solution that helps declutter the office.

Step 3:  Papers, papers and more papers! Tackle your papers by shredding, filing and create new file folders for the filing drawer. If things are action items then make sure you have 3 trays: inbox, to be filed and for action. This will sort out your current papers in a neat specific place.

Step 4:  Office supplies, too many or not enough? Go through all your office supplies and see what needs to be thrown out and what you need to stock up on. It is frustrating when you run out of ink and have no back-up cartridge handy. If you have several pens and other stationary donate it to a local charity. They are on limited budgets and always need office supplies.

Step 5:  Make your space feel like your space. Do you have a colour theme in the office? Any artwork or inspirational quotes? How about a whiteboard or chalkboard to write weekly goals? Look on Pinterest for inspiration to make your office reflect you and your values. Some like a cozy space where others like a clean lined minimalist space. No right or wrong look just make it a space you want to go into and create.

inspiring quotes

Step 6:  Keep it up! Make it part of your end of day routine to put everything back into it’s place. Put files back in drawer, remove coffee mug and put office supplies back to their homes. This will allow you to start fresh every morning. It is a great feeling to come into a clear desk top to start a new day. If you were to start your day decluttering your desk, you would experience stress, waste your time and you would lose motivation, since clutter is overwhelming.

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How do you keep your office decluttered? What helpful hints can you share with fellow readers to help motivate them?

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