How to organize a room!

When clients call me to inquire about my services they are usually at the point of overwhelm. They cannot see how they will ever organize their space. When one finds themselves in this type of situation they know it is time to get professional help. This post is for those who feel they can still pull it off themselves, whom are not feeling overwhelmed by the clutter.

How to Organize a Room:

  1.  Divide the room into quadrants. Start in one quadrant first and do not move until it has been completed, then move on to the next one. I usually start from the closest quadrant to the entrance way and work from there.
  2. Put like items together in piles. Put all your clothes together, all papers, all books, all office supplies  etc.
  3. Go through each pile at a time. You may need to resort each pile and put like with like; office supplies put all pens together, all markers together, all tape together etc. Once you have resorted the pile go through each item at a time. books, like with like, unified
  4. Declutter: make a decision on each item; do you want to keep it? Toss it? donate it? or fix it?
  5. Once you have all the donations together, box them up and bag them up to transport.
  6. Put all your fix it items into one or two boxes and put them where it makes sense to remind you to get to those items.
  7. With your keep items you need to find homes for all of them. Put items with like items in your home; toiletries together in bathroom or linen closet, office supplies in your desk drawers and closet etc.a home for books, book shelf
  8. If you do not already have a home for a keep item ask yourself “where do I use this item most often? How often do I use it?” Create a home for the item closest to where you use it and place it in an easy to get to if used regularly, if seasonal you can put it up high or down low.

Now you know where everything is in your room and where everything went that was once in your room. Repeat the above 8 steps for each room in your home and you will be decluttered and organized!

This all sounds easy on paper but if you have any issues with making decisions on what to keep or what to donate or have ADD/HD it is proves to be quite challenging. This is when I suggest you consider hiring a professional organizer; someone to keep you focussed and help to make decisions based on your goals for the space.

Share your before and after pictures below in the comments!!


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