We are now out of the holiday season, taken down decorations and getting back to our routines. This is a time of year people make resolutions and start new habits. I have a suggestion for a new habit, it will help you find a home for your new gifts in your home.

What to do:

With a new gift first see if you have items that are similar to it, ie. clothing, tools, decorative items etc. If you do, take the new gift to the similar item(s) and ask yourself does this new one replace any of the older ones? If so donate the older item and replace it with the new one. Will I be using this item like the similar ones? If so store it with them so you will know where to look for it. Does my older item do the job of the new item better? If so return the gift to the store or donate it, what is the sense of having 2 exact items? This is how clutter forms.

Clothing: try to live in the habit of one new item in one old item out. This will keep your clothing collection from getting out of hand which usually means too many clothes makes it hard to find what you are looking for.

Tools: It is easy to have an overstock of tools. When adding to your tools ask yourself does this new one replace an older one? Can I do what I need to get done with what I have in stock? Is this new “gismo” really going to replace all my tools and make the job easier? Most tools are made sturdy and built for life as they are not something we use on a regular basis, therefore, replacing them is rare and mostly unnecessary.

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Decorative items: When we have many decorative items it starts to make our homes look and feel cluttered. If you receive new candles, picture frames, vases and so forth use the same rule of thumb as clothing; new one in an old one out.

Gifts; the all so powerful guilt driven excuse to keep things. When given gifts we must remember we were given the item to enjoy it and use it. If you have finished with both it is time to donate it and allow someone else to use and enjoy it. Just remember the last thing the person who gave you the item wants is you to keep it out of guilt or feel obligated to have it forever. Most people in our lives who are giving us gifts want us to be happy and stress free. Ask yourself when you give a gift to someone do you go looking in that person’s house everytime you visit to see they are using the item? Do you ask about the gift years later? Do you get sad or angry when a gift has done it’s job and has been donated? The answers are most likely no, so therefore, most others have the same answer 😉

I hope this inspires you to donate older items to clear away room for your new gifts!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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