How to Love Doing Laundry!

There are the odd people out there that love to do laundry already, but what if I told you I could get you to love it too? Most of us dread or find it overwhelming since it never seems to end. If you were to do a few simple things you too can love doing laundry!!

What to do!

Schedule in the days and times you are going to do laundry in a week. This will stop it from piling up and making you feel overwhelmed by it.

Declutter your laundry room. Remove all old cleaners you no longer use or are expired. Remove everything that does not belong in the laundry room and find a new home for it. Only have the essentials; this will keep the laundry room from being cluttered and feeling cramped.Declutter, professional organizer

Paint your laundry room a warm inviting colour. Make the room one you actually want to spend time in! Add art work or family photos as well. Have fun in the space make it your own.

Use baskets and bins to hold all your cleaners you use once in awhile and keep the large detergent and fabric softener bottles away in the cupboard. Make the space streamlined; neat and tidy.

Invest in an iron board wall holder and it usually has a spot for your iron as well. Hang it up behind the door so it is not a focal point in the room.DIY,  get organized, laundry room hacks

Make sure everyone has a clothes hamper in their room with 3 spaces; whites, colours, sheets/towels. This will make it easier to access the load you are planning on doing instead of having to empty all hampers and sort and then start on the one load you are doing that day.

Can you see where the simple things you can do to love doing laundry! If you manage your time and space it isn’t that bad of a job to do. Make your laundry room a place you want to enter and it will make being in that room a pleasure.

Hope you got inspired 😉




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