How to be an Organized Entrepreneur!

Being a busy entrepreneur myself, I know how important being organized is. So many Entrepreneurs are joggling a business, a family and other important things in their lives. There never seems to be a spare  minute, this is why it is key to stay organized. There are some simple things you can incorporate on a daily/weekly basis to stay organized which in turn saves you time.

5 Tips to be an Organized Entrepreneur:

  1.  Clear away the clutter. If your office is full of papers, old files and junk it makes for distractions and a mess to weed through to find space to work. Take the time to create a decluttered organized office, then incorporate time everyday to put everything back to where it belongs at the last 5 minutes of your day. This will keep things organized and you will start fresh every morning in a clean and open space.
  2. Plan for your week every Monday morning. Take an hour and plan what your week will look like based on priorities, use TIME. When you actually schedule your tasks into your planner you will get things done on time and will always be working toward your goals.
  3. Have a 3 tier tray system on your desk. One tray for Action, another for To File and the last To Shred. These papers will always be in motion until you have completed your decisions with them. Every Friday morning schedule in 30 minutes, you may need more or less time depending on your week, First take the time to go through your action tray; what can you schedule into next week’s agenda? Can you complete any of it today if needed? File all the papers in the To File tray and get those documents to their homes. Lastly shred all papers in your To Shred tray, we all have information sensitive papers that need to be shredded but to do that when we come across the papers is very unlikely, hence; plan for shredding time weekly.schedule weekly items, stay on top of things
  4. Stick with systems that work for you. With today’s technology we are always seeking out the latest and greatest time management tool. If you have a system that works for you do not reinvent the wheel, stick with it. The time it takes to upload, learn and implement new software is usually not worth it unless it is a crucial update to an already existing program. Just something to keep in mind, if it isn’t broken don’t try to fix it.
  5. Have a house rule. If you have a family along with your business make it a rule within your home that if your office door is closed that you do not be disturbed. If you schedule your working hours around your family, like so many entrepreneurs do, then they will understand and know not to interrupt unless of course it is urgent. We can already be easily distracted from work from so many other things; social media, phone calls, texts, youtube etc. This rule eliminates one more.
  6. Bonus tip to add to number 5; Check your email twice a day and give yourself 45 minutes each time to respond to them. This will keep you from distraction from the task at hand. Make sure to NOT open windows on your computer for Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube; make this time separate from work time and you can use it as a reward system: 10 minutes of social media for 2 hours of work 🙂

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, why not stay organized to lower your stress level and help you stay on top your daily/weekly goals!



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