How Organized is Your Car?

We can get busy focussed on our organized homes and forget about our cars. I know I do. We need to look at all aspects of our lives and stay decluttered and organized. Our car maybe smaller on the grand scale but it is our home on wheels.

What should be in my car?

Our glove boxes can become a dumping ground for a variety of things. The main things you need to keep in it are: a flashlight, car papers, first aid kit, spare sunglasses and for our pet lovers a delinter. You may have specialty items you keep in there as well, but keep it as clear as possible, makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

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Most cars have a compartment between the front seats. Here is where you can contain electronic chargers and your GPS. Think of it as a home for your car electronics.

In the back seat area it is nice to have a tissue box available for guests. If you have kids you will need: wet ones, diapers, snacks, books, toys, and an umbrella etc. You can use a tote for this, a car organizer that fits on back of front seat, or a contained box.

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Last but not least is the trunk. My trunk is a work station on wheels so it has more than it should have in it lol. We need room in our trunks for many reasons; have room for groceries, if we purchase something large from the store and we need to tote it home, to access our spare tire in case of a flat and it just feels good to have less stuff with us. Important things to carry in your trunk are: a safety kit, empty bags for groceries, a wool blanket and other emergency items.

For those times we are in the great outdoors, travelling or camping our trunk can become another “room” so we need to keep it neat and tidy for those special occasions too. After emptying our trunks for camping it is a great space to keep things from getting rained on!

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How have you used your car as a “room on wheels”?

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Aug 28, 2017 at 8:38 AM

The car has the tendency to become the extension of our house too. I remember having a comforter all over the back seat for a period of time and my fiance’s toolbox too.

Linter is definitely always in the glove box. I wear darker colors most of the time and you won’t believe how much dog’s hair I get from our 3 puppies 🙂


Aug 28, 2017 at 8:56 AM

I have one very black cat that sheds A LOT lol I know your pain hahah

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