When I was younger I always rearranged my bedroom furniture, made new spots for everything and loved office supplies! I actually use to play office and set-up my office desk with such pride. I have always enjoyed helping people get organized and clean up their space so it was easy to find everything and it looked good. This skill set comes to me naturally and easily, I have been blessed.

Over the years I would help out friends and family with organizing or prepping for selling their home, I loved it! It is instant gratification that really excites me. I can see the space before we get to work and then when the project is complete seeing the after is so rewarding. The main reward for me is seeing my clients shoulders lower and see that they no longer have to fight clutter anymore. They see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I see a cluttered, messy and chaotic space I get elated to go and “play” in the space. I get to go in and create a new functioning space for my clients that will make their lives easier for years to come. How awesome is that?

Before the organizing business I was in the social work field, mainly the mental health field. I have truly enjoyed my careers, helping others. I believe we are all put on this earth to serve others. I also volunteer some time to an annual event to raise awareness and funds for child and youth mental health: Move it for Young Minds.

I still work with people from a mental health standpoint as clutter provokes anxiety and depression. Our physical space is a reflection of our mental health, clutter shows we are overwhelmed and not able to cope with the day to day stuff as well as we would like to think we are. Having clutter and seeing it everyday  is upsetting to most people, but imagine it for those who live with depression and anxiety. It can make someone feel trapped and overwhelmed all the time. Once we work on clearing the clutter our anxiety lowers and depression is manageable since our physical space is not in need of support we need less support as well.professional oranizer, clutter, support, mental health

I know that asking for my help is the toughest part for most, as we all have this preconceived notion that we SHOULD be able to do this on our own. Well I would not exist if everyone was able to declutter and organize a space that works for their day to day lifestyle. We are all born with skill sets and are taught many along the way but no one can “do it all!”

I know most people want to help out a family member but it usually is a bad dynamic for decluttering. Family means well but when they tell their loved one to toss everything that person takes it personally and it just puts them on the defensive. It is best to have a third party come in to the situation to help.

I love to work with people and help them along in their journey. Most people cannot see how I love to do what I do, I hope the above has clarified that for them now 🙂


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