How to get the whole family organized!

When running a household it is very important to have all members in sync. The easiest way to keep everyone on the same page is to have the page out in the open. Creating a Family Command Centre, FCC, is the best way to keep communication going in a household. There are many ways of doing this but here are the key basics.

Create your Family’s Command Centre!

  1.  Choose where makes the most sense for your home. You will need a good amount of wall space and easy to access it. The kitchen is the most common spot or front hallway. The space needed depends on how much you plan on putting up.
  2. Have a monthly calendar to record all appointments and events for all family members. You can colour code them with each member’s’ favorite colour.
  3. Have a week at a glance in a larger form to show what is happening currently. Many people use a chalkboard paint or white erase paper to create this element. Easy to clean off and easy to update whenever needed.                                                                    Family Command Centre, et organized, DIY, professional oranizer
  4. Have a cork board to hold messages from one another, pin tickets to events or current flyers for upcoming outings. This makes it easy to add and remove often.
  5. Make it creative. Many people add a large letter of their last name. I have seen it where there are framed pictures of each family member integrated into the FCC. Each member can decide what colours, designs or pictures they want incorporated.                              family command centre, professional organizer, get organized
  6. If you have young children you can use pictures to identify what appointments are coming up for them; a tooth for dentist, glasses for eye exam, skates for ice skating outing etc.
  7. Another great element you can add are easy to open and replace picture frames. This is a great way to display the latest art work from the kids and usually keeps the FCC in season.
  8. Have your grocery list and weekly menu plan up as well. This encourages family members to add what they like for dinner and to let you know what is needed grocery command centre, professional organizer, get organized
  9. You can have baskets for each member to hold notes from school, homework, report cards, permission slips etc. You can have it for the adults to hold mail, important documents that need action taken and so forth.
  10. Have the chores list incorporated into the FCC. Use a check mark or sticker system for when a chore is completed that week. This will help all members to stay on track and encourage them.

As you can see there are several elements that can be added to a FCC. It is totally up to you and your household to see what is most important to communicate to one another. This also helps kids to feel organized and prepared for what is coming up next in their schedules. Kids love routine and knowing what to expect next.

If you already have a command centre please share a pic in the comments to inspire others.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have been inspired to get your family on track together with a Family Command Centre.

  • I have just linked you to 2 of several options to get your supplies from. Please google to find what suits your needs best. Thank you.


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