Why get organized?

Many folks have said to me, “I would never pay someone to help get me organized.”

I can understand that, but to them, I say they are missing out on many amazing outcomes if they organize. They can continue to live in their cluttered disorganized lives. But wow they will be wasting a lot of their time.

Hiring a professional organizer is nothing different than hiring someone to clean your home, seal your driveway, clean your eavestroughs or landscape your lawns.


8 reasons to declutter and get organized:

  1.  Be able to find everything you own.  Everything will have a place within your home so you will know where to look for it.
  2.  Faster cleaning time~most things will be where it belongs not cluttering your space, therefore no decluttering has to happen before cleaning!
  3.  Faster to tidy up~you will be apt to return things to where they belong when finish using them, this will mean fewer items to tidy up.
  4.  No more time wasted looking for items~You will know where everything is in your home!
  5.  Everything has a home in your home~you can place them where you most often use it, this will make it easier to find and use where needed.
  6.  Know where to put things back~If everything has a place in your home you know where to put it back when finished using it.
  7.  Empty space, room to grow~when we declutter we work on have 15% of empty space. This will allow room for you to add more items in your home.
  8.  Reduced stress in your day to day life ~ If you can tidy up faster, find items you need and know where to put them back and takes you less time to clean why wouldn’t there be stress reduction in your life?
getting organized
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Until you have tried using a professional organizer, you will never experience the benefits. We listen to your goals, your dreams, and habits. We assess these factors and create systems to change your life forever. Doing decluttering is a very freeing experience.

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