In this line of work I have supported clients living with ADD/HD, Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder. Most people living with these disorders find it hard to concentrate on tasks and get distracted easily. They can also find it extremely overwhelming to make decisions. Working with a professional organizer can help alleviate these concerns but one can tackle smaller projects on their own, this is how:

Tips to Stay on Task!

Use a timer. For every organizing or decluttering project use a timer so you can stay focussed and on pace. If you are making decisions on items limit your time to 10 minutes. Before making decisions have a clear process in mind; are you making decisions based on use? need? aesthetics? etc. Know what you are basing the decisions on and move forward in a short timely manner. Put things in 4 categories: Keep, Toss, Donate, Repair.

Use Post-It Notes as a reminder. When starting a task have post-it notes and pen on hand. If you get distracted by a phone call, need water etc write on the post-it what task you were working on so you know where to restart. Some folks will write the task at hand on a post-it note and put it on the wall so if they get distracted by other projects or items they know where they had started and what they were working on for that day.on track, get organized, ADD, ADHD

20/4 rule. Work for 20 minutes then take a 4 minute break away from the task at hand. This will keep your mind clear and give it time to regroup.

One Project at a time. Being overloaded with too many things needing to get done at once or in one day is too much. So choose one project a day and base it on how much time you can concentrate on one project, again keeping in mind the 20/4 rule. Try not to overwhelm yourself with long and large projects. Break them down into smaller tasks over a period of a week or two.organize paper, et organized, professional organizer

Paper Place. Most folks with ADD/HD get bogged down in paper. Create one spot for paper in your home. Have 3 trays, 3 folders, 3 racks; whichever style you choose. Label one as Action: house all papers you still need to “do something” with, File: put all papers in here that need to get filed into your filing system and Shred: put all papers that need to be shredded in here. Choose 3 mornings to go through the action pile and work on it for one hour broken into three 20 minute sessions. Chose another morning you will file all papers and shred what needs to be shredded. This will keep your papers manageable. et organized, professional organizer, papers in order

If you are living with ADD/HD the above tips will help you out tremendously when getting organized. None of them are set in stone so if you find 15 minutes on task and a 5 minute break works better for you, go for it! Overwhelm is the main thing you want to remind yourself will be the go to feeling before taking on an organizing task, but with staying on track with tools in hand you can do this!!

What tricks have you found along the way that help you out to stay focussed on task?


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