Garage Organization in a Snap!

Most garages become dumping grounds for large items that no one knows where to store. A garage needs organization in order to store items in proper spots. Think of your garage as a large upside down U. It gives you 3 walls to work with.

Here are 4 basic garage organization solutions that work in most garages:

  • Use utility shelving units along at least one wall. This can be used to store items, such as; tool box, gardening tools, any sporting equipment and other outdoor items you have. It is best to house items in clear plastic bins and label them.
  • A special type of bar with grips or hooks, whichever style you prefer, can be put up on the wall to hold brooms, shovels and hoes. It is simple to install and easy to use.

    garage organization, organized garage
    Tools hanging on a storage rack
  • There are special hooks to hang your recycling bins from. This will allow you to have them up off the floor and up on the wall. It is best to store them close to the door that enters your home so you can easily throw garbage and recyclables out.
  • S hooks can be used to hang bicycles either from the wall or ceiling, depends on size of garage. This will keep bicycles off the ground and out of the way so the car can be parked easily.

Remember your garage is a space where the temperature all depends on the weather. This makes it a place not so great for storing certain items that can be damaged by humidity or cold temperatures. Check out this post on 13 items not to store in a garage.

When going through your garage make sure you get rid of clutter. My post What is clutter? will help you to ask certain questions to determine if something is clutter or not.

Can you park your car in your garage? If so how have you organized your garage in order to do this? Any helpful tips would be appreciated!

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