Frustrated with clutter and a small space?

A Small space can cause frustration on finding a home for everything without causing clutter. A small home does not need to have clutter; there are many ways to add storage to a small space. When thinking about storage think about height, creating storage up high.

Creative Storage Solutions for a Small Space:

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Organized small space

The above photo shows a few good storage solutions for a small space. Install shelving right up to the ceiling. Store items used infrequently up top and most used on the first shelf. Use decorative baskets, bins or boxes to make it look neat and organized. There is also bins underneath the small table. If you have a coffee table, end tables or a sitting bench that has room under it; consider using bins or baskets to store items that are used in that room or in that area.

If you have wide window ledges you can use them to store plants, books, knick knacks and or picture frames.

Another great trick is to add a shelf above your bathroom door frame along the entire wall. You can store overstock of toilet paper, tissues, towels and so forth up there.

Use dead space; inside of cupboard doors, back of doors and wall space not being used. You can always hang hooks in kitchen cupboards to hang large utensils, a pot lid rack and other items that can be difficult to store. A over the door shoe holder is very versatile. It can be used to hold shoes, cleaning supplies, smaller toys, spices and anything else you can think of.

book shelves, organize space

A great idea for a small space is to use built-ins or book shelves along one wall. If in the living room your books, knick knacks, picture frames, television and so forth can live on them. This will give the room a uniformed look and create a lot of storage. Use decorative bins, boxes or baskets to hold items that are not for display.

For small spaces think of multifunctional furniture, such as; an ottoman can be used to hold blankets and pillows, a folding table can be folded down when not in use to create more space, use a curtain to cover your closet openings, this will allow more floor room in the closet and another great one is an old chest or trunk for a coffee table can also hold board games, blankets, dvd’s and so on.

I hope you have been inspired to get your small space decluttered and organized. Try to use every square inch.

Have any amazing small space storage tips? Share a photo of your creative storage solutions!

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