From Chaos to Serene!

From Chaos to Serene; this is my tagline. I came up with the business name, Serenity Organizing Solutions, based on how I wanted my clients to feel after working together. My tagline came out of how most clients feel before me entering the picture: chaotic, overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, and defeated.

Clutter is usually not just about clutter, it is a symptom of a cluttered mind, an overbooked life and taking on too much in your day to day life. These are all things we have control over, thank goodness, so we can stop the clutter from continuing to take over our lives.

Things we can change:

To declutter one’s mind we need to declutter the physical world first. This is where I come in, I support people in decluttering, purging and organizing their homes. I help people make the tough decisions on what stays and what gets donated. I will never tell a client what to keep or donate but I will ask a series of questions to get them to see the item in a different light, therefore being able to make a decision themselves. The process is quite easy and goes quickly once we have been doing it for awhile. I do all the hard work of getting all your belongings organized, like with like, then the client comes and makes decisions on each item. We then find suitable homes for everything that is staying.

I also work with people on time management and overbooking oneself is a reason they are overwhelmed. I help folks with figuring out what they are working toward and what that looks like when scheduling themselves. We tend to want to say yes to everything but when we get honest with ourselves and our goals we cannot take on everything. We need to be very concise about where we put our efforts and if they are connected with our ultimate goals, if not we say thank you but no thank you.time management, professional organizer

I help folks on their scheduling process. We tend to put too much in our day to day planner as we feel urgency around everything. We work together to see what is the priority and how to break it down into steps and take each step day to day or week to week. We divide our days into work, family and play, I know I forget to add the play to my agenda and low and behold I am rarely doing fun things. I don’t believe in balance but I believe in striving for a happy medium, since maintaining balance can create more stress on someone then is needed. Chasing balance is never ending and always disappointing because life tends to happen and our balance goes out the window. If we look at making “me time” as a priority then that is a good thing and makes one feel balanced.

These are just a few of the things I work with clients on and see the emotional stress leave their bodies once we are finished! The rewards to my job are amazing, I leave a client knowing I have helped them and the skills taught will help that person for years to come. I always follow-up with clients in about 3 months to see how they are doing and if we need to tweak anything. Many of my clients use me for maintenance work; this is for accountability and helping to transfer more skills to them.

How do you keep your mind from being cluttered? Share your tips with us to inspire others!!


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Olive Wagar

Dec 31, 2017 at 11:43 PM

Great business name & tag line! Clearly states your focus & results. Should be very appealing to your prospective clients. Congratulations on contributing to the Dear Stress book–I intend to order a copy! Thanks for contributing to Professional Organizers Blog Carnival. 🙂


Jan 01, 2018 at 10:25 AM

Thanks Olive I appreciate your comments.

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