Downsizing, how to do it well.

Throughout our lives, we find ourselves in different stages of life. Usually, when we are older we find ourselves in the downsizing stage. This is when the kids are grown and have kids of their own and the family home is just too big to maintain for 2 people.

When downsizing here are things to consider:

  • What is the measurements and layout of the new smaller space? Will our larger furniture pieces even fit in the new space? Look at your large pieces and see what will go and what will be donated or sold.
  • When thinking of furniture use multifunctional furniture as it will serve you better. A fold down table, an ottoman for resting feet and storing blankets, an armoire style desk unit etc. When you can use a piece for more than one thing it will create more space in your new home.

    Time to downsize
  • Downsize all your kitchenware, do you need 12 person place setting anymore? Think 6 – 8 at the most and you only need one set of flatware. If you hardly use a small appliance is it worth the real estate it is taking up in your new smaller kitchen?
  • Instead of having several pictures all over the home think about getting one large digital photo frame that can hold up to 1000 pictures or more. It can be on a slide show setting or just one picture shown all day. This will create less clutter and really allow you to see more memories on a daily basis.

Questions to ask yourself when downsizing:

  • Remind yourself you need to declutter your belongings down by more than half. This will allow you to have open spaces in your new place. We need room to grow not have a home stuffed with items. Ask the tough questions; when was the last time I used this? When will I use this next? Is this useful? How much prime real estate does this item take up in space? Does this item make me happy? Can I sell this item for a good amount? Is this worth hanging onto? Why am I keeping this item?

Whatever stage you find yourself in life, make sure you keep your home decluttered. Clutter creates stress and negative emotions whether you realize it or not. Think about how you want the room to add new things into your life and you cannot do this if your home makes a pile with stuff. Try to have 15% open space.


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