Downsizing and Moving

If you find yourself moving, you need to declutter first. If downsizing, decluttering and passing on family heirlooms is essential. There is not enough room for it all. We can help!


When you are downsizing it is very important to know a few things before decluttering and purging your items. What is the measurments of new home? Measurements of your furniture so we can see what will fit into new space. We help our clients figure out what pieces will stay and what will be donated or passed on in the family. Most families only want a couple of items from their parents for keepsakes the rest can be donated or we can co-ordinate an online auction for you.

If you are donating many items we can set up a pick-up date for said items. We can also help get items to family members and to other charities so most items will not end up in the landfill.

We will help you make the tough decisions on what will stay and what will go. We have some creative ways to display items and honour them instead of storing them in boxes and bins.


Before moving it is best to declutter first. This will help you to pack less and only bring useful and loved items into your new space. We can help you go through all your items and make the tough decisions on what needs to stay and what need to be donated. We can pack up all your items and have them ready for moving day. We can set up the moving company for you as well. When you are unloaded in the new space we can unpack and organize your new space with systems that will work for your lifestyle. It will be turn key ready.

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