Donate Not Just This Time of Year!

‘Tis the season to be giving to those in need, but what about all year round? We need to donate on a monthly basis and I can show you how to do this and make it as easy as 1, 2 , 3! We tend to think that we have to declutter our whole house and bring a car load or two. This is over thinking it, any amount at one time is needed and welcomed.

Donate Monthly

  1. Keep a cardboard box in your garage or basement that is specific for donations. Whenever you come across an item you no longer need nor will use put it in the box to donate.donate all year round, purge, declutter,
  2. Mark in your monthly planner at the end of each month a time to make a donation drop. It shouldn’t take too long if you have a donation spot near you, if not align the drop when you are heading into town that month.
  3. Either take the box as is or fill a garbage bag with the items and bring to a local shelter or Salvation Army Store. I say Salvation Army because all their donation monies go directly to programming not to the CEO’s pockets.

See 3 easy steps and you can be decluttering your home while giving away items to be used by new families. As the saying goes; “One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.” As long as the items work and are not disheveled looking they are good to donate.

Where do you donate? Do you do it on a regular basis?


Here is a list of items most shelters and non-profit agencies are looking for:

Sleeping bags,




small kitchen appliances,

gently used clothes,









Most places do not take furniture nor stuffed animals.

If you have very specific items think about your local community centres or churches. Contact them and see if they will take the item.

If you have a large amount of donations call Diabetes Clothes Line to set up a pick-up. The serve many but not all areas.


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