What is clutter?

Clutter? you’re asking me what it is?

I feel we use this term in various ways and it means different things to different people.

Clutter can be these 4 things.

An unhappy woman sitting on a sofa in a messy living room

1. No room in your house for it. If you do not have space for an item it is clutter. We tend to find space for things that have meaning and purpose. So this sign is already telling that this item is most likely not bringing you happiness. It is  not even functional. Those are two good reasons to get rid of the item.

2. It is not in it’s place. Everything in your home should have it’s own home. Put items in a place that makes sense to its purpose and in relation to where you use it most. If something is not in it’s home it is clutter. Make it a habit to take something out of each room when you exit, that does not belong there and put it where it belongs. This habit will keep your clutter in check.

Chaos im Kleiderschrank

3. You have 5 of them. If you have several of one particular item, it is clutter. Ask yourself which one is the best of the lot and keep that one, donate the rest. You do not need 10 spatulas or wooden spoons, neither do you need 3 staplers. Be honest with yourself and stop believing that little voice in your head that says “well what if one breaks I always have a back up.” If something breaks it may be able to be fixed or it is usually very easy to replace.

4. You never use it or it does not make you happy. This can mean even expensive items, we tend to not see expensive items as clutter due to its cost. This is false. If an item is not being used, say a video camera, and you do not get joy from it then it is clutter. Donate it.

If we purge our home of items that are deemed as clutter we should have approximately 15% clear space.

This room is for us to grow into.

Purging and decluttering take a lot of tough decisions and being honest with oneself about what makes you happy and what is being used. If you can do this on your own this is half the battle. If you cannot do this on your own then it is time to work with a professional. Clutter creates stress and can be hazardous to your safety if it takes up space for you to move around freely in your home.

Messy workplace with stack of paper

If you have any questions feel free to ask them or email me, I would love to support you in decluttering, we all deserve a serene space to live in!

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