Do the clutter in your house cause you shame?

Clutter in your house is seen as a bad words for most people, therefore; if I have clutter I must be a bad person. This could not be further from the truth! Clutter usually occurs due to 3 reasons:

  1. We got distracted and did not put the item back where it belongs,
  2. There is too much stuff or
  3. We do not know where to house items.

If your clutter falls under number 1. then work on getting better at returning items to where they belong. Another trick is if you are leaving a room always return something that does not belong in that room.

clutter in your house

If your clutter falls under number 2. it is time to declutter your space through purging items. This is usually a daunting task and most people put it off or call a professional organizer to help. If you feel you can tackle it yourself make 4 piles when going through items (one area at a time)

Keep, Donate, Garbage, and Needs Repair. Keep those clutter in your house away

Once you have pared it down put items where they belong according to where you use them most often.

If your clutter falls into category 3. odds are you need professional help. Not all people were born with the skill to organize and find suitable homes for everything in their house. This is not a bad thing, just not your strong suit. When an organizer comes to your home to help you organize they will ask several questions to find out where items are the best suit for the family, they will ask questions to see if you truly need it the item still and they will ask questions to see if your items have a dual purpose.

Workshop scene. Tools on the table and board.

Does any of the 3 reasons above make a case for the thought, so many of us have, that clutter = shame? I didn’t think so. It is a tough thing sometimes to call a professional organizer to come to your home when you have shame attached to it. Please know, as a professional organizer, we are never judging people. We are there to help people to organize and create a functioning yet eye appealing space for you. Also, know when you call we know what a courageous step you are taking. It is hard to ask for help a lot of the time. We are an available service in your community. Because we know others are in the same situation as you, in need of support.

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