Do you need a closet organizer?

Many people today have a walk-in closet in their master bedroom. A walk-in closet can be a positive or a negative thing. The more room to have clutter or more space to stay organized, it is up to you. Most walk-in closets have a basic closet organizer that is functional. Do you need to upgrade?

Things to do first before upgrading your closet:

Take out all your clothing and put like with like. Make decisions about what will stay and what will be donated. Once you see all your t-shirts together, it is easier to make an informed decision on how many black or white ones you need.

Once you have the clothing you know is going to stay put it back into the closet. Put like with like and in colour order, from dark to light. Organizing with colors will make finding what you need much easier. Keep tops on the top racks and bottoms on bottom racks.

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Closet organizer

Fold jeans and pile them on a shelf that is at waist level. So it makes it easier to access.

It is best to keep the shoes you wear more often at the bottom. You can put your more prized shoes in clear bins and stack them on the top shelf.

Remember when organizing your,  less is more. If every time you take one item out to fall on the floor, this is a sign you have way too much hanging. Please only keep what you wear regularly and what makes you happy. You can take the rest to the consignment shop or donate to a local homeless shelter.

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Less is more

It is great to use bins to hold your seasonal items and put them on the top shelf or keep them down below in the back if there is room. It all depends on how heavy the bin is, for safety concerns; do not fill containers too much when keeping them up top.

Once you have done all of the above and your closet system still is not working for you, you need to upgrade. There are several DIY closet organizers out there or call a professional into design your closet specific to your needs. A professional organizer can take you through the steps above if you are having trouble making decisions and making it all fit back into the closet neatly.

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What is your experience keeping your closets organized?

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